Kenny Britt WR STL Nov 07 '1215 Comments

Kenny Britt (knee) practiced in full on Wednesday.

Britt was a full participant in practice prior to Week 9 as well, so he's nearing 100 percent. With Jake Locker expected to get the start in Week 10 against the Dolphins, we can expect to see a few more deep balls thrown in Britt's direction. Tennessee was wasting Britt's downfield abilities in their pop-gun attack with Matt Hasselbeck under center.


Mknauer51 Nov 11 '12

Dont worry everyone he'll be a disappointment yet again this week

Khova Nov 10 '12

fuk it ket the good times roll

Khova Nov 10 '12


Cowboys29Rules Nov 10 '12

How about Britt or Wallace this wk.

Trophyhunter Nov 10 '12


Trophyhunter Nov 09 '12

K. Britt should do excellent against Miami. He will relly take off after the bye! As

long as Jake Locker is starting! T.H.

PURE_PWNAGE Nov 08 '12

kenny britt or mike williams this week for wr3?

Trophyhunter Nov 09 '12


CBat28 Nov 08 '12

Britt Happens

commodorecanary Nov 08 '12

Pick 3: Blackmon, Britt, Floyd, T. Smith.... my brain is saying leave blackmon out but my heart wants him in

Jasaks Nov 08 '12

blackmon hasnt played well yet, slap yourself. go get tebow or something, i heard he makes middle white christian america's ginese tickle.

G-R-I-M Nov 07 '12

If there's a game that gets Britt back on track it's vs the Fins secondary . . .It's far from a may be worth a flier. . .

JMoney418 Nov 08 '12

Britt, denarius moore, or steve smith??

Thias_777 Nov 09 '12

I'd scratch out Steve Smith because out of these 3 matchups Denver is the only secondary that has the personnel to shut down a WR and Steve Smith hasn't been that great this season. Britt/Moore is kind of a toss-up. Britt does have a great matchup but he's failed to take advantage of other favorable matchups this season. Having Locker back should help though. I'd say Moore is the slightly safer bet being Baltimore's secondary has been struggling without Lardarius Webb. Plus the Raiders will likely throw the ball more with both McFadden and Goodson likely out. But if you're feeling lucky then go with Britt.

Dunderson Nov 09 '12

Steve Smith is the best option. Denarius Moore is next. Raiders gonna air it out with all their RB's injured.