Darren Sproles RB PHI Nov 05 '1210 Comments

Saints declared RB Darren Sproles, WR Courtney Roby, DE Turk McBride, WLB David Hawthorne, CB Elbert Mack, DT Tyrunn Wlaker, and OT Bryce Harris inactive for Monday night's game against the Eagles.

Sproles is out with a broken hand, but he very well could be back for next week's game against the Falcons. Travaris Cadet and Chris Ivory are both active, and Cadet is expected to help replace Sproles in the return game. Roby has a shoulder injury, and Hawthorne is still out with a hamstring. Jonathan Vilma will start at weakside 'backer.


greggnotgreg Nov 06 '12

If Fleaflicker says it, than by golly, you BETTER believe it.

tschul Nov 06 '12

Will he be back for week 11?

Jrod22 Nov 06 '12

possibly this week 10 against the falcons

RobertoP Nov 06 '12

How can someone who catches passes as a big part of his game be back after breaking his hand?

Perrone96 Nov 06 '12

I wouldn't expect him back for at least a month. These reports of him coming back in week 10 are laughable.

Ledchevy Nov 07 '12

I broke my right hand (wrist) which is my dominate hand and they put a cast on it that went around my knuckles down almost to my elbow. I had 1 int, several tackles, 2 receptions out of the backfield, 1 out of the slot, and close to 10 carries. If anything, the cast really helped me, I just had to refrain from using it as a weapon...

BariC Nov 07 '12

Talk about the stiff arms lol...jk nice work though Led.

Perrone96 Nov 07 '12

Playing in your flag football league with a cast on is different than playing in the NFL with a cast on.

dubstyles29 Nov 07 '12

is this just based on the blurb here on flea flicker or is there something else to back that up?

how is he supposed to be well enough by this week end's game?

Ledchevy Nov 09 '12

D3 ball at Maryville college. Still not the NFL, but similar scenario.