Doug Martin RB TB Nov 01 '1213 Comments

Doug Martin was named NFL Offensive Rookie of the Month for October.

Martin led the NFL with 155.7 yards from scrimmage, 26.2 yards more than second place Adrian Peterson. Martin carried 58 times for 296 yards (5.1 YPC) and caught eight passes for 171 yards (21.4 yards per reception). The 31st overall pick has also been fantasy's No. 1 back over the past three weeks.


westonj2003 Nov 02 '12

Still can't believe i got Martin for Turner

TouchdownBundy Nov 05 '12

haha. thats real good. I've seen some other Martin trades that people have posted - Martin for H.Miller, Martin for Bradshaw, Martin for Hartline, etc. etc.

Who are the people making these trades and why are they allowed to play fantasy football?

westonj2003 Nov 07 '12

To tell the entire truth I gave up Turner & Haywood Bay and got Martin and Bell (RB - Detroit) Bell is in for DMC and the guy cut DHB

sebastianlonza Nov 01 '12

Martin or TRich?

KBoles Nov 01 '12

Why would u not start martin???

TouchdownBundy Nov 02 '12

can't start both? TRich is getting in the endzone every week now except for the week he was pulled at halftime. I think both are going to do well this week but if I had to choose one, I'd go with Martin. I'd be interested to see who you're starting in front of these two, must have AP or Foster I'd guess.

yikes. I saw you started Mathews over one of these guys. Woulda went Foster, Martin, TRich.

aceofspades2346 Nov 01 '12

martin or ryan matthews

Soxx420 Nov 01 '12

I have both and Im starting martin gotta go with the hot hand but its really a toss up

KBoles Nov 01 '12

are you serious? you are an idiot if you didn't start martin

dropdeaddizzy Nov 04 '12

especially against oakland

Zac820 Nov 01 '12

Why would Adrian Peterson be in second place for Rookie of the Month?

mk8964 Nov 01 '12

reread that sentence. Martin led the NFL with 155.7 yards from scrimmage. It does not say he led rookies. Martin was rookie of the month and the reason why is because he led the NFL in yards.

Chicago-Scares Nov 01 '12

Since the second paragraph jumps from "rookie" to "led the NFL" - I think it is safe to assume they mean the entire NFL.