Andre Johnson WR HOU Oct 31 '1221 Comments

Andre Johnson missed Wednesday's practice for personal reasons.

He'll return on Thursday. Johnson has missed a host of practice time this season, but has yet to come close to missing a game. He'll be an elite WR1 against the Bills' horrendous defense this weekend.


Fletchisawesome Nov 03 '12

andre johnson stinks 4 my fantasy team

Zebra126 Nov 02 '12

johnson or I have peyton throwing to decker

william69 Nov 02 '12

Help please. nicks,dez,andre,desean and titus young. I can only start 3. Any suggestions would be greatly apreciated!

KillerRabbit Nov 02 '12

AJ should tear up Buffalo's D, DeSean should have a field day against NO, and I'm a fan of riding hot hands - use Young against Jax.

william69 Nov 02 '12

Thanks rabbit. I am so cloudy on this that i am over thinking it all. I am gonna go with the 3 you told me to go with. Your head is much clearer on this than mine. thanks again and good luck this week!

KillerRabbit Nov 02 '12

Haha don't thank me until after you've won. I'm just a dude that likes good matchups and hot hands. But thanks and good luck

ThatMan Nov 02 '12

I need some help here: A. Johnson or D. Bryant?

Dre has a great match up this week, but Houston will likely be playing from ahead pounding Foster against the weak Bills defense. Does anyone really think they'll get Johnson that involved that being the case?

Dez is up against a tough ATL secondary, but he's been making plays each week and he's freak of nature.

DCommish Nov 02 '12

Get Andre Johnson involved??? ....two words ~ PLAY ACTION!!!!

Not even close...Cowboys have "no" running game and Dez is a head case!!!!

AJ is a Lock!

ThatMan Nov 03 '12

Good point. Sounds like I'm going to have to give Dre some "play action" thanks bro.

ParkersinBmore Nov 01 '12

James Jones, Hakeem Nicks, Denarius Moore, Randall Cobb, Andre Johnson, K. Britt - I need to pick 3 of these guys and I'm not quite sure which direction. Suggestions?

Cforrest7777 Nov 01 '12

Hakeem Nicks - Andre Johnson 100%. James Jones if Nelson does not play. Cobb is too hit or miss.

100% no to Britt and Moore

theDANK Nov 02 '12

why no to Moore? He should be money this week

ParkersinBmore Nov 02 '12

I agree, Moore could have a nice day. A. Johnson has a great matchup and Nicks does not. GB will throw the ball, so Cobb and/or Jones will still get plenty of looks. Just depends on who get in the endzone.

Cforrest7777 Nov 02 '12

No Moore..umm because he drops passes like crazy on big opportunities. Steelers have nooone to cover nicks esp with no help from Troy(coming from a pittsburgh fan) Johnson-Nicks- Jones(if jordy does not play.Then Moore 4th option there.

theDANK Nov 02 '12

I would be willing to bet money on Moore over Nicks this week

LILTOPPI Nov 02 '12

moore is a must start

billsrule Nov 01 '12

Andre Johnson, Julio Jones, Demryius Thomas, Ryan Matthews, Ahmad Bradshaw, Michael Leshoure, Marques Colston. Can only pick 5

yanks2728 Nov 01 '12

First 5...Colston could do a lot, or a lot of nothing. Mikel LeShoure is not better than anyone else up there.

billsrule Nov 01 '12

I know but his matchup is so good! and J Jones and D Thomas' arent

twv20 Nov 01 '12

Demryius, Mathews, Bradshaw, Colston, Andre Johnson.

Have you seen what Colston is doing the past few weeks besides last week. The Saints are at home on Monday night. Colston 100%

Polaskis Nov 01 '12