Antonio Gates TE SD Oct 28 '1210 Comments

Antonio Gates caught just two balls for 14 yards in the Chargers' Week 8 loss to the Browns.

Strangely, Philip Rivers shied away from throwing to Gates. With the wind swirling and rain driving, he insisted on low-percentage throws deeper down the field instead of checking down to his tight end. In the second half, the Chargers tried to win the game by running the ball. Gates finished with just four targets, but is a good bet to bounce back against the Chiefs next week.


sleekviper Oct 30 '12

This has been the worse feast or famine year I have ever had. More famine than feast since there is more feast in the benched group, than the starting lineup.

flyerboy59 Oct 30 '12

Turner Blows,how do you fire Marty for that pock faced Retard is beyond me!!!!

MagnumPIgskin Oct 29 '12

Turner is a bum, who appears as incompetent as Crennel! That, and Rivers is either hurt, or a bum too.

littleguys Oct 29 '12

i will let you all no if i start him this week because when i do he dosent do **** unless i have him benched then he's the ****

Skills Oct 29 '12

I feel the same way. I benched him the one week before his bye and he blew up, every other time, I've started him and he does nothing

Tausz Oct 29 '12

Got suckered into playing him beacause I thought Jimmy would be hurt and ineffective. Never again Gates will never sniff my lineup again ive been burned to many times

Tmazz Oct 29 '12

I did the same thing..thankfully he didn't cost me the win.

Jaspertheghost Oct 28 '12

Every week they say he's going to have a bounce back week next week....

SDSTEVIEV3 Oct 28 '12

PRivers SUCKS!!!!!!! Thats why

FAYDAWG Oct 28 '12

lol truth i got stuck starting him because a hernensez pussed out this weekend