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Stevan Ridley rushed 17 times for 65 yards in New England's Week 7 win over the Jets.

He was held without a catch. It was genrally tough sledding for Ridley against the Jets' revived defense, but he turned in just enough big runs (four totes of six yards or longer) to salvage his day from a fantasy perspective. Ridley again ceded heavy snaps, with Danny Woodhead and Shane Vereen combining for 19 touches in the absence of Brandon Bolden, but clearly remains the lead runner in the Pats' crowded backfield. He's a high-end RB2. Ridley will get a Rams' run defense that's been playing well the past two weeks next Sunday in London.


dylan-d Oct 25 '12

hes been crap for the last 3 weeks

Lamia Oct 24 '12

Bush or Ridley??

JSoccorso28 Oct 23 '12

Am I the only one who doesn't go into a game expecting an explosion from Ridley? He puts up pretty decent numbers and then on some weeks he goes off, you just have to game plan for it.

lcisneiros Oct 24 '12

Exactly. He is a fine RB2, no high or low end, just a RB2, people just should plan their teams accordingly.

arsenyv Oct 24 '12

Sorry but 4-6 points a week is not RB2 territory. Could easily cost you a close matchup.

arsenyv Oct 23 '12

Don't bring Belichick into this. It is entirely Josh McDaniels' fault for turning a Super Bowl winning team into a huge mess, with 5 different RBs and WRs starting at any given time.

Whiskey7 Oct 23 '12

I got him cheap in a trade. I'm over him. I bet Belichik just sits at home thinking how he can mess with fantasy owners' heads.

DeathTube203 Oct 23 '12


Rushing_Beat Oct 23 '12

Never will I draft a patriots rb. Its too frustrating watching him come out every other play even though he proved to be the best back right now. And they never give him a chance to build momentum taking him out after one down. GGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR I hate the patriots!!!!!!!

DeathTube203 Oct 23 '12

also agreed what a joke Shane Vereen getting the first 3 touches of the game

BradyNation Oct 24 '12

hes a great flex. if you guys needed him that bad to have this level of frustration is crazy. Your teams are pretty sketchy. He lost his touches bc of fumbling, not because he isnt the best back. He will get his yards in up coming matchups. I have Forte, CJ, Ridley, Leshoure. It worked out well. Seemed to get get lucky with starting at right times but scoring .

dylan-d Oct 22 '12


Buckin_Bronco Oct 24 '12

Your argument is invalid. Dude is a top 10 RB this season. Check yo self before you wriggety wreck yo self.