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Steelers OC Todd Haley indicated he envisions Cincinnati's defensive line as being good enough that he'll need to get "help" for Pittsburgh's injury-ravaged offensive line.

The obvious candidate to "help block" is in-line TE Heath Miller. The matchup of Steelers rookie RT Mike Adams versus Bengals LE Carlos Dunlap is particularly worrisome on Pittsburgh's side. Haley likened Bengals DT Geno Atkins to John Randle. "He has the second-most sacks in the league playing three-technique, which is not a normal thing, since the days of (Randle)," Haley said. "... They also got some outside long ends that can bring it around the corner. You have to make sure you're trying to help as many guys out as you can."


SouthRedwings Oct 21 '12

i've got Heath Miller and Kyle Rudolph. only 1 can start. advice?

SouthRedwings Oct 21 '12

woulda played jimmy graham but he's gimped

Nickman8910 Oct 21 '12


hess23 Oct 19 '12

So Millers day will be spent blocking. Bad play then. It's down to Miller, Felix Jones, or Nate Jhonson. What to do? What to do.

hess23 Oct 19 '12

Washington not Jhonson.

begs Oct 19 '12

dude are you kidding? start felix jones man, no brainer

begs Oct 19 '12

wow... your league has the dumbest scoring system ive ever seen

hess23 Oct 19 '12

TD's rule.

mark_pundurs Oct 20 '12

A dumb scoring system is one that routinely gives final scores well into the triple digits. That's not football, that's NBA ... and 90s Western Division no-defense NBA at that.

hess23 Oct 20 '12

In the 20 years our league has been in existance the record high score for a single week is 107.

mark_pundurs Oct 21 '12

20 years!? Did you start out keeping score with an abacus? ;-D

"begs" posted 130.4 points just last week. (Decimal scores? Are you f***ing kidding me?)

begs Oct 21 '12


hess23 Oct 21 '12

Pencil and paper with an "Official Newspaper"(N.Y. Daily News), for the scores. The comissioner really earned his title. Thank God for computers.

hess23 Oct 21 '12

Thanks begs, should have played Washington.