Montario Hardesty RB CLE Oct 19 '128 Comments

The Canton Repository expects Montario Hardesty to get a "healthy playing shift" at Indianapolis on Sunday.

Beat writer Steve Doerschuk cites Hardesty's Week 6 success, the Colts "sorry run defense," and Trent Richardson's tender ribs as reasons for the increased workload. Of all the backups that saw extensive action last week, Hardesty and Felix Jones were the most impressive on film. With Richardson due to start, Hardesty is just a desperation flex option this week.


BWall Oct 20 '12

Ok, Montaro hardesty alongside a potentially injurable Trich, or Alex Green who is also slightly injured

ie risk both green and Trich dont get injured and green plays well or capitalize on the Indy run def and play both TRich and Hardesty and hope Trich doesnt get hurt...but if he does I am safe

papa14 Oct 19 '12

should i drop hardest and pick up william powell?. My other backs are Trich, spiller, forte..

patriotdued13 Oct 19 '12

who shoul i start Hardesty vs the colts woodhead vs the jets or jonqui bell

lancebconaway Oct 20 '12

Hardesty will get atleast a dozen or more touches, go with him, look how good lame shaun greene looked against tht Colts def. last week.

Scottbrandon Oct 19 '12

So what you're is saying that I should definetly maybe perhaps start Montario Hardesty possibly!? Or no??? Good Talk.

justin_2pac Oct 20 '12

right? where do they find these morons?!?

G-R-I-M Oct 19 '12

Right - So do I hang onto this guy or let him roll off onto waivers w/my opponent on a bye week @ RB? IF I cut him lose and he picks him up and actually has a good game in Mop up duty (you know they'll sit Trent either up by 20 or down by 20 in the 4th) then I'd be psst...maybe I'll cut Ballard instead .. .

milhouse79 Oct 19 '12

im forced to start either hardesty or Tate with Mathews bye leaning towards hardesty.