Matt Forte RB CHI Oct 18 '1211 Comments

Matt Forte (ankle) says he's about 100 percent now.

After sprained his ankle in Week 2, Forte missed Week 3 and may have been limited in Week 4. Then he put 127 total yards on the Jaguars and subsequently had the bye to rest up. Look for another heavy workload against the Lions on Monday night.


FireMarshalBill Oct 20 '12

Fred jackson or Matt Forte. Already have Ray Rice in.

dtowne Oct 20 '12

I say go with Forte. Jackon and CJ will be sharing the work load.

lolos Oct 20 '12

forte , felix jones, or doug martin , can start 2 who

eagle7fan Oct 20 '12

Mcfadden,Forte,Rice,or T-rich...i need to start 2

Gilligan15 Oct 20 '12

rice and t-rich

Gilligan15 Oct 19 '12

pick two

Green-Ellis, fred jackson, matt forte td"s only leauge

coach_raber Oct 19 '12

green-ellis is on a bye week so jackson and forte

Crumb Oct 19 '12

Bengals bye week is week 8, this is week 7....

coach_raber Oct 19 '12

you right. my bad. go with i would still go with jackson and forte because green-ellis is up against the steelers.

DaWall99 Oct 20 '12

steelers who let CJ2K whose virtually done nothing all year rush all around them...

BDIDDY513 Oct 20 '12

green ellis isnt cj lol