Jason Witten TE DAL Oct 17 '1216 Comments

Jason Witten has played every offensive snap in three straight games.

The Cowboys aren't backing off a 30-year-old Witten. Over the last two games, he's solved his drop issues while catching 19 passes for 200 yards and a touchdown. Witten will be a clear TE1 against the Panthers this week.


Timbow Oct 17 '12

Pick one Witten, Grahm, or Henandez

Ernest_A Oct 18 '12

Witten... Only one 100% healthy

swagster Oct 17 '12

Pick two Rudolph,witten ,Wayne,Nelson.

chitown021 Oct 17 '12

Witten & Nelson.

swagster Oct 17 '12

im torn between Wayne and witten

Ernest_A Oct 18 '12

Wayne, Nelson

Ernest_A Oct 18 '12

Wayne.. #1 target...

BigFilthy Oct 18 '12

Wayne is gonna have Joe Haden up his a$$ all day though

swagster Oct 18 '12

An green still had a good game last week

Commish_Nate Oct 18 '12


swagster Oct 18 '12


Jaspertheghost Oct 18 '12

Witten and Wayne both go-to guys in there systems I would go with those two... Rudolph and Nelson have tough matchups, St. Louis has stopped Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald and Brandon Marshall from getting in the endzone and in all three of those games didn't allow a single receiving touchdown to a WR.

swagster Oct 18 '12

Dez is main wr right now for cowboys but ok

Jaspertheghost Oct 19 '12

I said go-to guy not main wr but ok

Crumb Oct 19 '12

Wayne isn't AJ Green....

swagster Oct 19 '12

No but he gets the most targets in the nfl.