Antonio Gates TE SD Oct 16 '129 Comments

Antonio Gates caught six passes for 81 yards and two touchdowns in the Charger's Week 6 loss to the Broncos on Monday night.

Gates was targeted 10 times on the evening, and the two touchdowns were his first ones of the season. The six catches and 81 yards are season-highs at this point, and we fully expect for Monday's performance to be a precursor for the rest of the year. Gates doesn't sky up and make the spectacular catch as much anymore, but he still knows how to get open. The Chargers have a Week 7 bye before heading to Cleveland in Week 8.


John9williams Oct 19 '12

that's why he is a must start every week

Skills Oct 18 '12

I called it. Bench him because he had been sucking all year and then he blows up. I should have listened to my inner thoughts on this matter lol

Skills Oct 18 '12

Still won though, all that matters I suppose!

Purpletastic Oct 17 '12

BOOM...and like that he's back.

MrTimothyINC Oct 17 '12

bruinsforr7072 Oct 16 '12

The week I don't start him... Everytime..

Rosstown Oct 16 '12


redskins1173 Oct 16 '12

exactly! I was losing by 6 at the start of the night, I had gates and he had meachum. Gates highest score so far this year was 5.9,I got the win!!!

Lionsgm14 Oct 18 '12

Gates was born in Detroit... Ya know Detroit always breaks peoples hearts.