Billy Cundiff K CLE Oct 09 '128 Comments

The Redskins will reportedly release K Billy Cundiff after signing Kai Forbath on Tuesday.


AlistairNorris Oct 10 '12

As a Ravens fan who had been supporting him even during training camp (and by support I mean, I wasn't trying to run him out of town just wanted an open competition), I'm so glad that as Justin Tucker blew the doors off training camp the Ravens recognized that.

Even in our deep 20 team keeper league Tucker went undrafted, and has has been one of my best pickups so far. :D

ShowMeYour-TDs Oct 09 '12

Undrafted never kicked in the nfl

H3_Hat3_M3 Oct 09 '12

an upgrade from this fool. anybody is really.

joegibbskins07 Oct 09 '12

who is Kai Forbath?

MaryCook Oct 11 '12

lol...did I read that correctly? Joe, Joe,'s your job to know these things. How bad was Cundiff that they sign Forbath? I heard Rackers was

MaryCook Oct 11 '12

Oh, BTW...he was the 2009 Gorza Award winner from UCLA. Go Bruins!

joegibbskins07 Oct 11 '12

gorza, huh? he is scraps from both cowboys and bucs. i cant say i am excited. skins have had bad luck with kickers for 10 years now. i say just go for the freaking TD.

MaryCook Oct 12 '12

Sounds good to me. What was wrong with Rackers? Then they sign Cundiff which was supposed to be the answer. How bad is it to resort to Forbath?