Kevin Smith RB DET Sep 28 '128 Comments

Lions OC Scott Linehan conceded that it will be difficult to find playing time for Kevin Smith following Mikel Leshoure's Week 3 breakout performance.

"It's really hard," Linehan said. "The game plan is going to be the factor for him. If we're using single-back looks on a number of occasions, there's only going to be one in there." Barring injury, Smith will be limited to a change-of-pace role going forward. He's nothing more than an end-of-the-roster stash in fantasy leagues.


Tanner_W Sep 30 '12

Kevin Smith is an amazing running back! Why would someone so stupid do this retarded move and sit Kevin and put Leshoure and Bell in! I demand this move is reversed for the week 4 game so Kevin can have another chance! If I were manager I would sit Leshoure and put in Smith! Who is with me on this?!

Aaroon Sep 30 '12

If you lived in Detroit you wouldnt be so surprised. This is just another stupid decision I have seen in the many years I have lived here. Nothin new. We all see it but for some reason this organization just cannot. And at this point, i am convinced they never will.

Michakav Sep 29 '12

Poor Smith. He is a great back who deserves better. I would certainly like to see the Steelers get a RB like him.

DaPoUnD Sep 29 '12

This is by far the stupidist move Ive seen. Smith wins game one for the Team, where Stafford is struggling and Leasorry (Leashoure) has a good game versus a weak run defensive team and he's annointed the saivour of the Lions! Don't get it. If Kevin Smith had a chance aganst the Titans, he would have outplayed Leashoure. I've never felt sorry for an NFL player until today!

Pigskinpooper Sep 29 '12

Very bad move by the Lions in the long-term, make it the basically give up on Kevin Smith, who has been very effective when he is healthy..

Leshoure's "debut" took more than a full season to materialize. I suspect he could very well be like Felix Jones of Dallas: made of glass and a perennial injury risk throughout what actually lasts of his "career."

Also, last I checked, nobody was shaking in their cleats because of the Titans' defense.


Greg_W Sep 29 '12

So annoyed with this! Leaves me very short at RB!

PoppinTags Sep 29 '12

same here

giantnomar5 Sep 28 '12