Neil Rackers K WAS Aug 27 '129 Comments

Redskins released K Neil Rackers.

A tight battle between Rackers and incumbent Graham Gano is over a week earlier than expected. Perhaps the Redskins want to bring in another challenger after Rackers went just 1-for-2 on field goals in preseason games and came up shorter on kickoffs. The Ravens released Billy Cundiff on Sunday.


joegibbskins07 Aug 27 '12

gano has a stronger leg but often misses. i am pretty sure he led the league in misses the last two seasons. to make things worse, many games he could not keep the kickoffs in bounds either. as a skins fan, i am disappointed.

Silky420 Aug 28 '12

ur disappointed? I just drafted the guy. Now i need a kicker

joegibbskins07 Aug 28 '12

Go get gano. Fantasy land takes a back seat to the redskins winning games.

Silky420 Aug 28 '12

Got Carpenter. Gano is too inconsistent

SnakeStabler Aug 29 '12

Cundiff is your kicker More shannanigans!

joegibbskins07 Aug 29 '12

i love it! i hated gano

AVCosmo Aug 30 '12

OK, I'm guessing they signed Cundiff?

AVCosmo Aug 30 '12

Well, that's the point. Does anybody think Gano is better than Rackers???

joegibbskins07 Aug 30 '12

Good guess!