Hard Knock dynastyleaguefootball.com Aug 13 '128 Comments

Chad Johnson's career may be over and it opens the door for some other receivers in Miami.


badgasman9 Aug 13 '12

May may be over. Might be over . Could be over.. Ummm its IS over. Guys like him and TO there is only one way . Flame out.

Gridiron-IQ Aug 13 '12

Well it's not all bad...now he can spend more time working on his headbutts...

CulverCityCosmo Aug 13 '12

..or quality family time.

badgasman9 Aug 13 '12

or Adult Movies. I think I am the winner.

MartinMayhew Aug 13 '12

Well it won't be on NFL Network. Perhaps ESPN.

MrPhenomenal Aug 14 '12

Guess he picked up that headbutt when we was a so called pro soccer player

Gridiron-IQ Aug 14 '12

lol ya i forgot about that...he gave her a header

MrPhenomenal Aug 14 '12