49ers K Akers sets NFL record for FGs in season brunoboys.net Dec 24 '115 Comments

San Francisco 49ers veteran kicker David Akers set an NFL record for most field goals in one season by converting his 41st on Saturday.


Trophyhunter Dec 26 '11

Drafted him on teams I could and picked off waivers 1st chance for other teams. Absolutely the perfect team to kick for this year! Helped my teams to

3 Finals coming up this last week 17. Also playing 'specialized' playoff teams

while the real playoff's are being held...

Akers is the man, but SeaBass still the guy you want for that 50+ yarder...

Insomnya Dec 25 '11

Should have picked you up off of waivers. D:

JimsBrowns Dec 25 '11

I have drafted him every year for the past three years. He is the best, IMO.

kkyang7133 Dec 26 '11

Money in the bank and a league championship thanks to him. SF's offense is very favorable to him. If you think about how good defenses are becoming in the red zone, it's not a bad thing to score 15pts on field goals and add a TD here and there to win games.

To many teams are killing themselves with turn overs in the red zones while SF simply just keep piling 3pts.

Trophyhunter Dec 26 '11

Should'a - Could'a? Shame...