Jason Hanson K DET Nov 10 '118 Comments

Jason Hanson (knee) was upgraded to a limited practice on Thursday.

Hanson's plant knee required stitches after an accident playing with his kids during the bye week. The Lions have worked out a few kickers, but there's been no signing as of yet.


SoCalKilla Nov 13 '11

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA This is the funniest thing ive read.

Senjata Nov 13 '11

You should read more.

SoCalKilla Nov 19 '11

You should shoot yourself in the face.

Senjata Nov 22 '11

I would, really, but I'm laughing so hard from Hanson getting stitches, I'm having trouble holding the gun.

ModiinMonsters Nov 12 '11

What does a limited practice mean for a kicker? He only kicked short kicks in practice?

wiseguy949 Nov 12 '11

idk maybe he just had beer break

MarkusRomanus Nov 13 '11

He'll play no doubt.

wiseguy949 Nov 13 '11

30 mile winds today oh at start of game