DeSean Jackson WR WAS 12 Months9 Comments

CSN Philly reports the Eagles are "listening to offers" for DeSean Jackson, and have "taken inquiries" from the 49ers and Patriots.


Prash11 12 Months

I bet CAR needs a WR. HA HA who is CAM going to throw the ball too.

setheration 12 Months

too expensive for the panthers.

Gordy22 12 Months

Reunion with Andy Reid in Kansas City sounds great to me

Gridiron-IQ 12 Months

Now why would they do that???

joegibbskins07 12 Months

because he fumbles at the goal line.

kcDemonSlayer 12 Months

I remember tha fumble lol

Donnie_Loveboat 12 Months

lol.. but what philly reporters have been alluding to as of late is that the eagles FO (and possibly chip kelly) are fed up with djax's antics. both on the field and off the field. including but not limited to his as asking for a new contract after the season, his dabbling in rap, and his being robbed in january (although I do know how you can hold that against him). in short, the eagles feel he is becoming more trouble than he's worth, and after resigning cooper and maclin have other more pressing needs they need to address, they could probably get a 2nd if they decide to trade him.

I don't think it's as pressing as it is being reported here, they may have fielded some calls but they're not actively trying to move him according to BGN reporters, who are generally reliable.

joegibbskins07 12 Months

love the local insight and your probably right. he has been a big baby and they dont really need him so if someone offers up a 2nd, odds are he is gone. outside of that, they will probably let it ride. BGN? Be Gone Now?

Donnie_Loveboat 12 Months

splendid guess mr. gibbs, but i'm afraid not. it seems as though chippeh has settled the matter today, who knows though. nothing like the mystery and intrigue of the NFL offseason gents.