Drew Davis WR ATL Aug 10 '7912 Comments

Drew Davis played on 71-of-83 snaps in Sunday's loss at Arizona.

Over the last two weeks, Davis has played 87.0 percent of the snaps. It led to a breakout Week 8 performance that included five catches for 77 yards and a touchdown. The problem, of course, is that Roddy White (hamstring, ankle) could be back as soon as this week. At that point, Davis won't be getting enough playing time to be worth a start.


cogwheel Aug 11 '79

It's probably irrational, but I have a good feeling about Drew Davis. Reminds me a little of Anquan Boldin when I watch him. Only faster.

MustangGuy6 Aug 12 '79

I just picked him up. Hopefully he breaks out this week.

Davis or Dobson? ppr league

cogwheel Aug 12 '79

If White does sit, then if it were me, I'd start Davis over Dobson. Harry Douglas simply can't continue getting so many targets every game. It's unsustainable, and he's due for a regression to the mean. And when it happens, it'll likely be the other starting Falcons receiver that reaps the benefit.

SpenCity Aug 10 '79

If Roddy White doesn't play, Davis or Hopkins?

MustangGuy6 Aug 12 '79

Davis, but it's a close call. Toss up either way.

DevinBrickzin Aug 10 '79

Davis, kerley or edelman?

JordyNels Aug 10 '79


cogwheel Aug 11 '79

If White is inactive, I'd go with Davis, despite the poor match-up.

I like Kerley, but you just can't trust Geno Smith to feed his receivers the same way you can trust Matt Ryan to do so.

jthiel Aug 11 '79

Davis or Doug Baldwin?

Reeeeeeeeed Aug 12 '79

Which two should i start...davis,helu ,mike james, Steven Jackson, or Steve Smith

cogwheel Aug 12 '79

If White is inactive... Davis and Smith, particularly if you're PPR or half-PPR. I'd also strongly consider James instead of one of those two guys, but if James doesn't find the end-zone he probably won't do diddly for you; he's not getting high-volume touches right now because the Bucs haven't been shy about asking Glennon to throw (they're dialing up 40+ pass-plays a game).

I like Helu's talent, but he's just not catching enough passes right now to give him an acceptable floor.

As for Jackson, after watching how he looked last week, I wouldn't touch him with someone's else's ten-foot pole, personally. He's not even a solid bet for goal-line carries; Quizz has gotten many looks near the goal-line this year.

Reeeeeeeeed Aug 13 '79

Lol awesome, thanks!