Greg Olsen TE CAR Aug 05 '7911 Comments

Greg Olsen had three catches for 21 yards and one touchdown in Thursday night's win over the Bucs.


rpendlum Aug 06 '79

drafted olsen to be my TE1 and brandon myers as my other TE.. got lucky and got julius thomas halfway thru that first game and dropped myers. i suppose olsen will be my bye week filler and that is pushing it at this point. not sure why they dont throw it to him more often

TradeVonMartin Aug 05 '79

i can't believe they didn't go to olsen in the red zone on the 2 drives that ended in field goals

CommishBobC Aug 05 '79

If you watched the entire game, you can see that they simply don't factor the TE much in the offense. Cam Newton wants Steve Smith, and if not Smith, Brandon Lafell, and if not either of those 2, check down to Tolbert, and otherwise he runs it. Olsen is, like, the 5th option. That's why he has only 3-4 catches a week, but the "experts" keep labeling him a TE1. In my opinion, he's a low-end TE2 at best. You should be able to do better.

JagRag Aug 05 '79

Olsen is capable pass-catcher, but he's also a pretty useful blocker, which tends to work against him in this offense. A guy like Tim Wright, who goes 6'4"/220 and is absolutely a wide receiver just being called a tight end, offers more upside. But he's still on pace to reproduce last year's line (69/843/5), which still has value for teams that didn't back into a double Jordan (Cameron, Reed) on their roster.

TradeVonMartin Aug 05 '79

olsen is the teams leading receiver.

JagRag Aug 05 '79

That is true, but not much of a statement considering how much the Panthers have spread the ball around in the passing game so far. Steve Smith has the most receptions, but him, Olsen and Ted Ginn all have between 335-360 yards receiving. Steve Smith will definitely wind up their top receiver again, provided he stays healthy. Ginn even looks like a 50/50 to outpace Olsen, he's pushing LaFell out of the picture.

TradeVonMartin Aug 06 '79


JagRag Aug 06 '79

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perb Aug 06 '79

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TradeVonMartin Aug 07 '79

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JagRag Aug 07 '79

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