Santana Moss WR WAS Jun 05 '795 Comments

Santana Moss caught one pass for 45 yards in Saturday's preseason game against the Bills.

Moss, just like the rest of the Redskins main receivers, was pretty quiet this preseason. After three exhibition games, he has four catches for 83 yards. Moss isn't worth owning in 10- and 12-team leagues as a WR5.


joegibbskins07 Jun 05 '79

there is a reason ALL of the skins main receivers where quiet this preseason. look at the big picture, the skins showed little to nothing this preseason. Morris only got a handful of carries, you got a heavy dose of their #3 and #4 qb`s and the rookies. Moss will play half as much as the other guys and still score 8 TD`s. I wont touch him in small standard leagues but will snag him for cheap in bigger leagues.

don't sleep on the skins

KwickExit Jun 19 '79

Your not biased with a name like that are you?

joegibbskins07 Jun 19 '79

of course I am! but I speak the truth. moss scored 8 td's last year. garcon is healthy and the skins are 9-1 with him in the line up. rg3 is back, fred davis is back, alf is a beast, the depth is strong, 21 of 22 starters returning.... go ahead and sleep on them.

KwickExit Jul 04 '79

Ok. I will sleep on them until rg3 starts planting his right foot. As soon as he does that the points will start popping up.

joegibbskins07 Jul 04 '79

he has improved quit a bit yesterday and is still progressing nicely. it took AP 6 weeks to go from average to outstanding so putting it into proper context, all is good (except the 0-3 record)