Matt Cassel QB BUF May 04 '794 Comments

ESPN's Adam Schefter says the Vikings "won't hesitate" to turn to Matt Cassel if Christian Ponder struggles this season.

Per Schefter, there are people around the league who believe Cassel is "underrated." Those people apparently didn't watch the tape of Cassel's eight starts for the Chiefs last season, when he posted a 64.5 quarterback rating, threw five touchdowns against 11 interceptions and lost six fumbles. We're expecting Ponder to take a step forward in his third NFL season and hold off Cassel with ease.


AVCosmo May 04 '79

Although I love USC, did you ever think that it's not the best source of QB's? Cassell, Palmer, Leinart, Sanchez, Booty, Marinovich, Salisbury, etc.

joegibbskins07 May 05 '79

a few system backs and.... Booty? ROFL!

AVCosmo May 05 '79

Yea, the infamous John David Booty!

joegibbskins07 May 05 '79

cassell didn't even start in collage. its weird he is even in the league.