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Kyle Rudolph TE MIN Apr 16 '7910 Comments

In two seasons with the Vikings, TE Kyle Rudolph has caught 20-of-23 red zone targets.

That's a whopping 87 percent red zone catch rate for Rudolph. During that same span Rob Gronkowski caught 65 percent, Tony Gonzalez 63 percent, and both Jimmy Graham and Jason Witten caught 53 percent. While his red zone production is certainly impressive, Rudolph still lacks the consistency of an an elite fantasy option. We like him as a low-end TE1.


Thefoos73 Apr 16 '79

lol low TE1? Are there really 10 better options? He's a very solid TE1.

hoss21 Apr 17 '79

yea even having to add in he plays with a joke of a qb he's a definitely a te1

Thefoos73 Apr 17 '79

Well he's not a joke of a QB, and even if he is, Rudolph is his favorite target. He'll go to him more than anybody else, especially in the red zone.

DJ_Rain Apr 17 '79

Really? Ponder is NOT a joke? So he isn't in the bottom 10 of the league's starters?

hoss21 Apr 17 '79

Think he may be closer to bottom 25-30 , he is better than Sanchez though :P

joegibbskins07 Apr 17 '79

only because Sanchez lacks a ground game. give him AP and its off to the AFC title game again.

Thefoos73 Apr 17 '79

Ponder was in the bottom 10 only because the lack of attempts he had. He had barely under 3000 yards because he didn't throw much. He only threw 12 INT's. He's gonna be way better this year which will make Rudolph a top 5 TE. You can't just look at stats and say he's a joke. Watch some film.

RustyDuck Apr 17 '79

I hope you are right foos, but you may want cut back on your intake of the purple Kool-Aid.

Thefoos73 Apr 18 '79

Just a Vikes fan that's already watched their last season twice since the offseason began. I see a good QB that struggled last year when I watch him.

DJ_Rain Apr 18 '79

I've watched plenty of Ponder, going all the way back to his college days! I see an indecisive QB who hears ghosts in the pocket and gets happy feet because of it which leads to erratic throws. Ponder is Blaine Gabbert with a slightly better pocket presence. With that oline, running game and defense he should be able to leave more of an imprint. He has not. This isn't just me talking: it's all the major networks, analsysts and pro graders out there! Just look at the last 30+ Rotoworld blurbs on him, or Jaw's breakdown of his tape or his average draft position, etc.

See, you lose all credibility in this argument when you admit to being a Vikes fan. That means you are automatically biased. ;)