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BenJarvus Green-Ellis RB CIN Feb 13 '798 Comments

The Cincinnati Enquirer's Joe Reedy predicts that BenJarvus Green-Ellis will play the most snaps in the Bengals' backfield this season.

We fully expect Green-Ellis to handle much of the early-down and short-yardage work at the onset of the season, while second-round rookie Giovani Bernard mixes in on passing downs. But Bernard could eat up some of Green-Ellis' snaps as the season goes on if he shows the lateral agility and quick feet that made him so elusive at North Carolina. The "Law Firm" averaged just 3.9 YPC last season.


davisz Feb 13 '79

lol i dont know why they're so in love with a guy who doesn't even have a 4 ypc average. The guy is slow, not elusive and fumbles. bernard is gonna be getting 2/3 of the carries by halfway through the season.

Champ_24 Feb 13 '79

What are you talking about fumbles , he had 3fumbles (2 lost ) last year , and those were the first fumbles of his career . Pretty good if you ask me .

davisz Feb 14 '79

not fumbling was the only thing he's good at and he started fumbling last year, giving him no strengths. Having a back to 'pound' up the middle is overrated, give me the electric playmaker every time over the slow 3.9 ypc plodder.

joegibbskins07 Feb 14 '79

2 fumbles in a year is pretty damn good. the bruising back is still strong in the NFL. Alfred Morris is a strong back that knows how to protect the ball as well. he was #2 in the league rushing las year. there is a draw back to the super fast play maker. they tend to get hurt, fumble, get caught dancing behind the line.... not saying the speedster sucks, just saying not to under value a bruiser.

davisz Feb 14 '79

but alfred morris had almost a ypc higher than BJGE. I know there's a difference between a power back and a big slow guy and one you want, the other does nothing for you is all i'm saying. just bc bjge is bigger doesn't mean he's a better primary back which too many people equate size with. For example, a slimmer, less powerful doug martin would still have been a better primary back than blount.

joegibbskins07 Feb 14 '79

agreed but also look at the teams too. the skins had a commentment to the run game. it was their bread and butter. Martin was able to step in and do a great job because Blunt got fat and very lazy. when Blunt first came out, he did very well. i dont know if a striped down version of Martin could have done as well as he did this last year. RB's take a beating 20 to 30 times a game. looking from the outside in, i dont think cinn had the same commentment to the run game as the others but i feel your pain and understand your point. Richardson is a powerful back, Rice, Gore... all on run first teams.

dont get me wrong, i am not saying BJGE is the answer, just saying he does have value.

davisz Feb 14 '79

oh I definitely agree that he does, just that if I were cincy I wouldn't want him to be carrying any more than a backup's share because how poorly he did behind a good o-line. gruden even said that bernard is a 3-down guy, so hopefully by midseason he'll be playing like that.

joegibbskins07 Feb 14 '79

what kind of build does the new guy have? is he the slash and dash type?