Robert Griffin QB WAS Jan 01 '794 Comments

Dr. James Andrews called Robert Griffin III a "superhuman," saying the quarterback is "way ahead of schedule" in his recovery.

Andrews compared Griffin to Bo Jackson and Adrian Peterson in his motivation and ability to recover. While the news sounds promising, it's important to not take Andrews' comments as an indication Griffin will be ready for Week 1. There's still a long road ahead in terms of his recovery.


iWINYOULOOZ Jan 03 '79

superhumans aren't injury-prone...

kotyk Jan 03 '79

lol... Right.

Trophyhunter Jan 04 '79

Superhuman's are just that... They have the beleif and talent to do what seems impossible! Perhaps, Superhumans is the wrong word to use... AP proved it in 2012. Stem cells can do amazing things! I wish the very best to

Robert Griffin III and truly hope he shows superhuman ability if there is such a T.H.

Trophyhunter Jan 04 '79

All you have is ignorance, and aragance... Do you know what that definition

says in Websters dictionary? That's you baby, no matter what you T.H.