Darren McFadden RB OAK Nov 04 '786 Comments

Raiders head coach Dennis Allen said they're going to "limit the times that we ask [Darren McFadden] to do some of the things that he may not be as good at."

In other words, the Raiders are going to play to McFadden's strengths in 2013. The first step was ditching OC Greg Knapp and his zone-blocking scheme. Oakland has since hired Greg Olson to fill that role, and he is expected to take the lateral running out of the offense. "We're really going to look at the things that McFadden does really well and we're going to try to ask him to do those things as much as possible," said Allen. McFadden will be playing in a contract year in 2013.


D_I_C_K_E_Y Nov 05 '78

Man, I don't know what to do with him! I'm in a 5 (one defensive) player ppr keeper league. We play 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 RB/WR/TE, 1 TE on offense. I'm definitely keeping Arian Foster, Jamaal Charles, and Percy Harvin. I've been hanging onto McFadden for awhile and its constantly burned me. I kinda expected 2012 to turn out the way it did for DMC, but he was too hot to not keep. Do I move on and keep Aaron Hernandez instead to lock up my TE spot? Or do I give DMC one last shot, since the offense will be tailored to him & he's in a contract year? I also have the #4 draft pick, so he could still be available (or someone in the top 3 could gamble on him, making someone just as good if not better available at #4).

setheration Nov 06 '78

i'm keeping DMC... plus i don't like to keep TEs... my RBs will be Spiller, Run DMC, Jamaal Charles, and CJ2K... and Ryan Williams

D_I_C_K_E_Y Nov 08 '78

I'm not a fan of keeping TE's either; however, A) I have a bias towards Hernandez (as a life long Gators fan). But I also know that TE's (outside of Graham and Gronkowski who are definitely being kept in this league) will go early at the beginning of the 2nd round. I do think Hernandez is THAT good. People can say that "he's not even the best TE on his team", but that doesn't really make a difference in this scenario. When both are healthy, Hernandez actually gets more looks than Gronk, its just that Gronkowski happens to be the favorite end zone target. But in a PPR league, a healthy Hernandez has no problem averaging 12 points (very consistently I might add). So, I'd almost rather have that stability than I would gambling on the Jared Cooks and Brent Celeks of the world. Then, all I have to focus on is landing a WR2 and a flex player through the draft (in which I could still easily land DMC in the first round).

Like you said, I'm generally not a fan of keeping a TE, but do you see where I'm coming from on this one?

setheration Nov 08 '78

I hear you man. But I like to stack RBs in case of injury. Hernandez is a solid TE though, and quality TEs are hard to come by as well. As someone who spent all last season with Jared Cook and Dustin Keller, I hear you man. Especially in PPR. I paid too much for McFadden in a trade early last season so that's factoring into my decisions as well. I want that trade to pay off.

D_I_C_K_E_Y Nov 10 '78

Yeah, I'm the same way. I've made a career off of loading up on running backs; and last year, I thought I was set with Arian, Charles, and McFadden as 3 of my 4 keepers coming into 2012 (Cam was the other). I LOVE McFadden, but I think my love affair with him has run its course. I know Hernandez isn't exactly an iron horse himself, but he doesn't disappoint when he does play. I think I'd rather have that security at TE and still have a chance to draft McFadden again for one more run. Without even thinking, I know that MJD, Reggie Wayne, Ridley, Jordy Nelson, Greg Jennings, Fitz, Welker, etc will all be available in that first round (as could McFadden if I drop him). So I'd still have quality to choose from if someone in the first three picks drafts McFadden. I'd probably still go RB (meaning McFadden, MJD, Ridley) to fill that flex and then spend rounds 2-5 nabbing a WR2/other flex option and maybe a QB.

I dunno...maybe I'm over-thinking all of this.

D_I_C_K_E_Y Nov 10 '78

Also, I do think your McFadden trade WILL pay off; I've just personally lost the patience on the gamble, from a keeper perspective.