Tim Tebow QB NE Nov 01 '783 Comments

Jets owner Woody Johnson told potential GM candidates that Tim Tebow was "forced" on him.

Former Broncos GM Ted Sundquist, who interviewed for the Jets opening, told ESPN New York that Johnson said he "jumped on board" with the idea after deciding to trust former GM Mike Tannenbaum and the personnel department. Of course Johnson would put all of the blame on the guy that was kicked to the curb, even after Johnson was the first to take credit for Tebow's acquisition. All in all, Tebow seems certain to be joining Tannenbaum on the streets in the near future.


Perrone96 Nov 02 '78

Johnson's the owner, how does anything get "forced" on the owner?

Ghost_Lombardi Nov 01 '78

Tebow Chevrolet.

A great service department, and you can get a picture with Timmy while you are there.

Either that or pastor at a megachurch.

joegibbskins07 Nov 01 '78

sad for Tebow but at the same time, he will have a great career outside of football unlike many others.