Jacquizz Rodgers RB ATL Nov 01 '783 Comments

Fox Sports South doesn't envision Jacquizz Rodgers as an every-down go-to running back.

We don't either. Rodgers struggled mightily to run between the tackles all season long, and it showed yet again in Sunday's loss to the 49ers. Michael Turner is likely to be a salary cap casualty this offseason unless he takes a sizable pay cut, so the Falcons are certain to be on the lookout for a bigger back to complement Rodgers as a scatback.


joegibbskins07 Nov 01 '78

all season long, it was about how Turner was washed up and Rodgers is going to be the man. all season long i saw them going right back to Turner and in turn, Turner produced dispite the offense being pass oriented. now, everyone says Rodgers is NOT the man and he cant handle it. i think these bloggers read my posts calling it bullshit, then backpeddle. LOL! (i must be careful, i have a blogger or two in my league!)

Ghost_Lombardi Nov 01 '78

In PPR I think Rodgers could be gold.

joegibbskins07 Nov 01 '78

possibly but thats FF, not RL replacement for Turner. thats a passing down RB with some change of pace runs mixed in. kinda like sproles for the Saints. he will be an intriging part of the offense, like sproles, but not the RB that was advertised early in the season when everyone wanted to see Turner take a seat.