J. J. Watt DL HOU Oct 22 '783 Comments

Texans DC Wade Phillips insists DL J.J. Watt's 2012 season was the "absolute best" of any defensive lineman in NFL history.

Phillips has been a defensive line coach, coordinator, or head coach in the NFL since 1976. He will get no argument from us. In addition to his league-lead 20.5 sacks, Watt also obliterated the unofficial records for batted passes (16) and "defeats" in the run game (56). He also led the league in tackles for loss (22), had 76 QB disruptions, and posted a defensive stop on 17.2 percent of his snaps. Watt became the first player to earn a grade of +100.0 in Pro Football Focus' ratings. As dominant as Von Miller and Geno Atkins were in 2012, Watt is the easy choice for defensive player of the year.


Terry4tw Oct 22 '78

what a beast

RustyDuck Oct 22 '78

Watts had a great year and deserves defensive player of the year.

Absolute best in history? Few defensive stats were stats were kept in the 70's or earlier so its hard to compare.

Remember Carl Eller? A cocaine induced frenzy makes for an unstoppable DE.

joegibbskins07 Oct 22 '78

cocain is a hell of a drug