Ryan Mathews RB SD Oct 19 '783 Comments

According to the Union-Tribune San Diego, there is "some doubt" in the Chargers organization that Ryan Mathews will develop into "the player that was envisioned three years ago."

Mathews no longer has his two biggest supporters in Norv Turner and A.J. Smith, the latter of whom traded up 16 spots to select him in the 2010 draft. The remaining Bolts brass believes Mathews can still have a solid career, but must "further refine the technical aspects of the position." Mathews' big-play ability also evaporated in 2012 while playing behind a talent-deficient offensive line. The Chargers have to be just as concerned about Mathews' durability now that he has six metal screws in each shoulder, holding them together.


Brady_12 Oct 19 '78

2 biggest supporters? As in the guy that threw him under the bus and the guy that benched him for Jackie Battle?

Well he's screwed then.

TampaJackie Oct 19 '78

12 metal screws in his shoulders and 13 touchdowns in 3 years.

joegibbskins07 Oct 20 '78

He did better than Ryan leaf so far. Paid less though. I envision another injury or five.