Billy Cundiff K CLE Oct 12 '7817 Comments

49ers will work out free agent kickers Billy Cundiff and Justin Medlock this week.

David Akers has struggled badly this season, making just 29-of-42 kicks. He ended the regular season in Week 17 by missing from 44 and 40 yards out. Cundiff saw time with the Redskins earlier in the season when he hit just 7-of-12 kicks, while Medlock nailed 7-of-10 with the Panthers in 2012.


Pigskinpooper Oct 12 '78

Akers is done. That sure was sudden. Nobody was better in fantasyland last year, and the guy had a chance to kick in the Super Bowl this year, slim though it may have been.

joegibbskins07 Oct 12 '78

cundiff had a sudden fall from grace too. he is not the answer.

Pigskinpooper Oct 12 '78

Agree, but he might be all that is available, dunno. But I do know Akers canhnot be trusted right now with the stakes what they are.

joegibbskins07 Oct 12 '78

as fun as it is to watch the new qb in san fran, i dont think he can be trusted yet either. they have also veered away from the run game and the TE in favor of a hotshot QB and a average WR core. the best thing going for them is the home field but hey are beatable.

Pigskinpooper Oct 12 '78

Seattle proved that decisively.

joegibbskins07 Oct 12 '78

impossible to win in Seattle. that stadium is just ingenious. it is not big but the design makes it the loudest by far. that's why i am excited to see them travel to DC this week. they suck on the road. if anyone can beat Seattle at home, it would be pure luck. they are 8-0 at home this year.

Pigskinpooper Oct 12 '78

problem is, joe, you are a skins fan and cannot see objectively. Seattle wins this Sunday, no matter where they play it. Rookie's higher education starts now.

joegibbskins07 Oct 13 '78

I pay attention to the whole league. I know Seattle is a good team, undefeated at home, very bad on the road, cross country trips are especially bad for them with the exception of the bills. I also know RG3 knee brace is coming off so the pistol formation is gonna return. I also know teams look at the last 3 games to gameplan. The skins have played the traditional pro formations for the last month. The shannahans have done a phenomenal job coaching this year. All things listed favors the redskins. That rookie education will be learned by Wilson.

Pigskinpooper Oct 13 '78

I like your analyses. You would really enjoy playing in my WFFCL, Sham, because that league is arguably the best of the best with some very discerning and knowledgeable owners -- and no quitters. Unfortunately, I don't any openings at the moment. As for Wilson, he has much to still learn admittedly, but I could probably throw against the Skins' pass "defense" and I'm a retired 61.

joegibbskins07 Oct 13 '78

Thanks. I have a great league myself with some super active players and NFL bloggers. 24 teams, very active message boards. Was thinking about Seattle playing in cold but on turf. Skins play on grass. The skins pass defense is a bit soft but vastly improved over the last seven games. Lots of int's. It will be a good game.

joegibbskins07 Oct 13 '78

seahawks are 2-4 and averaging 15 points on the road with natural grass. they are a top 10 defense but as a whole, they allow 4.5 yards per carry against the rush. Redskins are the leagues best rushing team averaging about 28 points a game.

Pete Carol running up the score against hapless teams is about to catch up to him. they played well at home against the 49ers but the 49ers just looked unprepared and disoriented. the 49ers really made Seattle look that good. now the bookies have Seattle as a 3 point favorite on the road? total disrespect. expect the redskins locker room to use this to their advantage.

Pigskinpooper Oct 13 '78

The bookies think like I do, and I do enough of this stuff to get a sponsors and am me a living off it. We will see. Stay tuned.

joegibbskins07 Oct 13 '78

what do you do?

Pigskinpooper Oct 14 '78

As little as possible.

joegibbskins07 Oct 14 '78

You get sponsors for that??? I get yelled at!

Word in dc says RG3 is 100% healed but the brace will stay on. Someone is lying to me.

Pigskinpooper Oct 17 '78

I shouldn't give you this, Joe, as it is only for select folks but was reminded by you earlier in the week of all the bandwagoners (not that you are one) who are so excited about the Skins. Retrans from today.

Hi everyone,

I am sure all of you got a real appreciation for how to call big games yesterday, seeing me call the Pack by 13 and them winning by 14 (that's why you should not fear betting on LoWs), and the Texans by 3 only to see them win by a bit more, all scores for all teams within four points or less. Now for today's menu:

Jan. 6 -- Ray Lewis has been pronounced ready to go, and whether he is physically or not, his mere presence on the field should give the Ravens thwe boost they need to break out of the funk that -- with theexception of the Giants game -- plagued them the entire month of December. Look for their playmakers, Ray Rice and Torrey Smith, to click after some serious sharing and pow-wowing with their new OC. Of course, that will mean Joe Flacco will also perform, but not just because of Rice and Smith. The star of this game will be -- you heard it here first -- Dennis Pitta, who will exploit the normally-stout Indy defense against tight endsbecause Smith will stretch the field early and the spread-out defenders will be forced to deal with both Pitta in the seams and Rice underneath. They will ignore Pitta at their own peril, and pay heavily. On the other sideof the ball, Mr. Lewis will handle things, which means all members of that unit will step up their games. Jacoby Jones will likely torch the Colts' special teams at least once. So is all lost for Indianapolis? No, not as long as Chuck Pagano is directing traffic and Andrew Luck deciding where to throw the football, but the alignments for an upset here simply don't compute for Indy: no running attack, porous and smallish defense that will be hard-pressed to cover all the weapons they will face, on the road in a tough environment (hostile crowd that hasn't forgotten the Colts bolting to Indianapolis), against a defense that is ready to create chaos with Lewis calling several confusing looks that will disguise their intentions and cause yet another rookie QB, albeit an exceptional one, to get an unpleasant post-grad education. Birds should cover the 6.5-point spread.

RAVENS 30 Colts 21 

Jan.6 -- The opening round's most-anticipated game, and only the second battle of NFL playoff all-rookie QBs, will be a gem-dandy, but only to a point. There are some very good reasons why Seattle is a three-point favorite even as a cross-country visitor. This should not be confused with a regular-season contest. The Seahawk defense, the „Legion of Boom,“ is unlike any defense the Skins have played while reeling off seven wins in a row (OBTW Seattle is peaking even higher right now than the Skins). Washington will get smacked in the mouth all day against these ruffians, who are second to none in overall physicality and pumped by the return of their shutdown corner, Richard Sherman and their other top-flight corner, Brandon Browner, on the other side. Hard to see how they can be better after yielding only 15.3 points per game and sporting by far the best red zone defense among the NFC teams remaining, but they will. They will stuff Alfred Morris and make life very uncomfortable for RG3, who may give way to Kirk Cousins after the beating he will inevitably receive. And if you are still in doubt, don't overlook Russell Wilson, who is mobile in his own right, has an excellent arm, and does not turn the ball over. Throw in Washington's leaky defense, and I wonder why I am only making Seattle a nine-point favorite. Give the points. Forget the baloney that wildcards can't win Super Bowls anymore, but do remember that old adage that defense wins championships.

SEAHAWKS 26 Redskins 17

I will trade in my tunafish pizza for a tenderloin after sweeping these tonight.

Enjoy the games,


joegibbskins07 Oct 17 '78