Victor Cruz WR NYG Oct 04 '787 Comments

Victor Cruz managed just three catches for 21 yards in the Giants' Week 16 loss to the Ravens.

Cruz comes up with two duds at the worst time for fantasy owners. He did bang knees with Ravens S James Ihedigbo in the first half and was briefly hobbled, but he never missed a play and it didn't appear to affect him. The real culprit once again was a leaky offensive line and more mind-numbing play from Eli Manning. Cruz will wrap up his second NFL season against the Eagles in Week 17.


Jayfer Oct 04 '78

So happy I benched him for Dez! It won me the championship!

ARTofWARFARE Oct 04 '78

? I'm confused, so why don't you have a trophy under your career? If you win a championship you would have a trophy indicating so. but you don't.

Jayfer Oct 04 '78

The website doesn't update till Tuesdays. If you need further conformation check back then.

[Deleted User] Oct 05 '78

Haha nice Jayfer! Im guessing this guy got burnt by Victor Cruz!

ARTofWARFARE Oct 06 '78

Jayfer got me, but you don't know how many people claim a championship without a trophy, but good job jayfer. Oh yea, i got burnt by cruz but i still made it to the championship...i play for the trophy next week. We play til week 17. Again good job jayfer on winning your first super bowl...its a great feeling. Was it a 10 or 12 tm league?

ARTofWARFARE Oct 06 '78

Nice job.

vikes_07 Oct 06 '78

Also benched Cruz. Thank you megatron and v jax for my 4th championship in 6 years