Lawrence Tynes K TB Sep 30 '786 Comments

Giants K Lawrence Tynes denies he's in a slump.

Fantasy owners might disagree. Tynes has missed three field goals in the last three weeks after missing just three in the first 11 games of the season combined. Compounding concerns is that two of those misses came from 39 yards out or closer. Tynes said he's working this week to fix some of his "tempo" issues.


TD_tank Sep 30 '78

You cost me my season......just needed one field goal last week

mdchrist Oct 01 '78

He almost caught me mine. I was done until Hernandez caught his TD pass to give me the win.

Gateswinz Sep 30 '78

Ok, Mr Tears while I'm sure your a great guy you have been fired from my team. Tempo issues give me a break. Kickers, they really think they are anything but a tool for the coach to use when called apon. What a dork.

JimsBrowns Oct 02 '78

Speaking of a dork...yours is one very, very ignorant comment.

kotyk Oct 03 '78

I am rolling with him. One bad game and you throw him away?

Gateswinz Oct 03 '78

We will see tomorrow.....