Jason Witten TE DAL Sep 28 '7816 Comments

Jason Witten is six catches away from setting the single-season record for receptions by a tight end.

At age 30, Witten has a career-high 97 catches in 14 games. The record of 102 was set by Tony Gonzalez in 2004. Witten won't have any trouble setting the mark with juicy matchups against the Bucs and Redskins still on the schedule. "He just goes about it the right way," coach Jason Garrett said. "You hear me say this a lot about guys, but he's the best example of it. ... I think he's had a remarkable year."


rabidbuc Oct 01 '78

Fairly sure the Bucs don't play Dallas... Plus when he did play them he only had 2 receptions, so yeah.

ginga-ninja Sep 30 '78

which kicker should i start gostowski, prater, or walsh

JFizzleMyNizzle Oct 01 '78

gostowski thats who i had the whole season and heading into championship game

ginga-ninja Sep 30 '78

calvin johnson,victor cruz or reggie wayne pick 2

LFCReds Sep 30 '78

megatron and cruz

Snake_bitten Sep 30 '78

So...how do the Cowboys have the Bucs and Skins on their schedule and playing the Saints this weekend? Maybe they need a 17 game in order to make the playoffs. lol

CabinetButcher Sep 29 '78

Start Witten or Heath Miller?

N-o-l-a-n Sep 29 '78

Witten, romo's main reciver againist the saints is going to be to witten.

PerfectPerkins Oct 01 '78

startem both thats what i do

N-o-l-a-n Sep 28 '78

Make sure you start Witten over any of your TE's cause he will be a big play maker againist the saints and his go to guy.

LFCReds Sep 29 '78

over hernandez?

LASTPLACE Sep 29 '78

He must be a cowboy fan lol no logic over everybody not

N-o-l-a-n Sep 29 '78

Bears fan.

ginga-ninja Sep 30 '78

i have hernandez and witten who should i start then

LFCReds Sep 30 '78

so what was cutler doing at the end of the game this past week.

PerfectPerkins Oct 01 '78

Witten is way better but Hernandez has a better quarterback ha