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Bills GM Buddy Nix suggested that a "big time, outside receiver" will be high on the team's wish list in the 2013 draft.

Specifically, Nix is on the lookout for a big receiver who can make tough catches even when covered. Stevie Johnson isn't a true No. 1 receiver -- nor is he paid like one -- while Donald Jones and T.J. Graham leave a lot to be desired at the second and third spots. The Bills' first priority is to find a solution at quarterback.


capncaggi Sep 26 '78

Nor is Buddy Nix a "big time" GM. A good GM should also be high on the team's wish list.

MWFLB Sep 26 '78

This guy is a doofus, and their owner should stuff a sock in his mouth. He would not be any dumber if his head was cut off.

MM82363 Sep 26 '78

WR/TE flex, PPR please pick one:

Stevie, Antonio Brown, Owen Daniels, Miles Austin

HO-BEAU Sep 25 '78

Stevie Johnson, Denario Alexander, Mike Wallace, Darren Sproles- pick 1

MM82363 Sep 26 '78


Breitkreutz Sep 27 '78


vikes4lifee Sep 24 '78

stevie just leave the sucky bills and come to minnesota

MM82363 Sep 26 '78

Leave a team with a bad QB for a team with a TERRIBLE QB. Right.

propson87 Sep 24 '78

If they had a better QB Stevie would be a number one.

jbell1656 Sep 24 '78

The guys Nix should really target are Zach Ertz & Tyler Eifert. Use more sets with Spiller & Jackson on the field at the same time with two TEs and try to create mismatches with versatility. Spiller and a TE like Eifert would be tough covers for linebackers and having 2 TE & 2 RB in the game would allow for a physical running game if the other team plays extra DBs.

CBat28 Sep 24 '78


MWFLB Sep 25 '78

How many stupid remarks is Buddy Nix going to make in public about his team? First it was Fitzpatrick, who he deemed is not a "franchise" QB , after he paid him a ton of money. Now, Johnson, who is not a "big time" receiver. Nice morale building by running down your players. Franchise QB's and big time receivers are not merely picked off of trees on every corner, which is something that Nix should be aware of. I guess NOT.