Kenny Britt WR STL Sep 24 '789 Comments

Despite last week's breakout game, Kenny Britt admits his surgically repaired knees are "not totally 100 percent."

"My left knee still swells up on me sometimes and my ACL knee still bothers me a little bit," said Britt. "So I'm not going to feel 100 percent at all through this whole season, but I'm back close to where I was last year." We would hesitate to say that Britt is back as a reliable fantasy asset. He had a defender on his hip on both 46-yard catches last week, so it's not like he's gaining separation with ease. Britt has a tough matchup against Antonio Cromartie and the Jets this week.


honkytonkman Sep 26 '78


honkytonkman Sep 26 '78

nicks or britt?

pgaard Sep 26 '78

nicks by a mile

MayhemS Sep 26 '78

britt or ty hilton?

pgaard Sep 26 '78

if i had hilton id play him over britt this week. better matchup

MayhemS Sep 26 '78

That's what I was leaning towards. Thanks for the quick response

TouchdownBundy Sep 25 '78

carried this guy on my roster the whole year but never played him. Was scared he might start going nuts and didn't want anyone else to pick him up. It was worth it , I guess, he has had ONE good week.

Terry4tw Sep 24 '78

it's cool, after a nice offseason relaxing, smoking weed, evading police, and other illegal activities he'll be 100% good to go

drwho13 Sep 25 '78