Fred Jackson RB BUF Sep 21 '788 Comments

Bills placed Fred Jackson (knee) on injured reserve, ending his season.


Ghost_Lombardi Sep 22 '78


JoeMoskwa Sep 22 '78

sounds about right

Wake_Rider Sep 22 '78

Especially with they way C.J. has been playing this year.

MrDirection Sep 23 '78

he has just had an unlucky year with knee injuries. He will be with the team next year. He is still a very talented player and C.J. does get hurt as well. You need a back up for CJ.

Wake_Rider Sep 23 '78

Oh yeah, I'm sure he'll be back. His days as a starter are gone though. He's still a good back, just has some injury problems.

Hammer1026 Sep 23 '78

And also add to the mix he will be 32 next year (I know he doesn't have the typical wear-n-tear of a 32 year-old-rb but that still has to be taken in to account) - more than likely he'll be the back-up to CJ and once CJ gets hurt Freddie will be waiting in the wings to take over the backfield... until he injures his knee... again... sigh

MrDirection Sep 23 '78

Yea unfortunate that the bills demand so much from the running backs. Knee injuries are usually just unlucky. Spiller is good but again they know that I'd he gets too many carries he will get injured too. So I think it will be a split next year. Let's trade spiller for revis

warriors2185 Sep 24 '78

Dude his days as a starter are NOT gone by any means. He could be a top feature back for a team in need of a good RB like Green Bay, Indy, Pittsburgh, or even Arizona. I'm not a Bills fan but he's a damn good back.