Kenny Britt WR STL Sep 17 '788 Comments

Kenny Britt says he's noticed improvement in his route-running ability over the Titans' last two games after multiple offseason knee surgeries.

Britt caught a touchdown pass in both games. "The last two weeks were my best weeks of running routes and getting confidence," Britt said. "There are still some things I'm worried about, especially going up and getting a ball and landing on it a little bit. But just running routes and just going out there and running, it feels better. And hopefully I can get better each week."


kevinW13 Sep 19 '78

kenny britt or donnie avery

ASHMEAD Sep 18 '78

The way the ball comes in he would need a butterfly net to catch it!!

G-R-I-M Sep 17 '78

He's just not seeing enough targets . . .well targets that actually get to him . . .

warriors2185 Sep 18 '78

I agree...just like Larry Fitzgerald.

TouchdownBundy Sep 19 '78

well there's a reason for that. Britt has trouble catching the ball and isn't a good route runner. Not saying Locker's passing is anything great but Britt aint gonna see more passes until the QB has confidence Britt is gonna be where he's supposed to be. Britt target to catch ratio is pathetic, its not just the QB's fault. Other WR's on TEN don't seem to have this problem.

TouchdownBundy Sep 19 '78

well Fitz needs someone resembling a QB on his team. He's just not getting targeted at all.

rmaxtpmx Sep 20 '78

might as well just bring the punter in, let him boot it every down, see if fitz can go get it..same difference.

G-R-I-M Sep 20 '78

yep other Ten WR's can run routes and Locker still throws to the other team . . .I think the Titans have to decide going into next year - Does Jake Make their team better or do they need to go in another direction . . .