Marcel Reece RB OAK Sep 15 '788 Comments

Marcel Reece (hamstring, quad) remained limited in Wednesday's practice, but is listed as probable for Thursday Night Football.

Reece will suit up against the Broncos, but with Darren McFadden (ankle) finally returning, he'll be in for few, if any, snaps at running back. Reece will be back at fullback after being shifted there midway through Sunday's loss. It's possible Jeremy Stewart will serve as McFadden's direct backup, though Mike Goodson (ankle) is also expected to return. Reece is no longer a flex option in 12-team leagues.


Snake_bitten Sep 17 '78

He's not much of an option in ANY leagues if even 50% of what this article says is true. >:/

RZeis Sep 16 '78

This is why the Raiders are the Raiders. Take a guy who played well the last several games, and sit him for the "starter" who hasn't done crap since he's been in the league, besides get injured a lot.

rpendlum Sep 16 '78

only option i really have besides reece is rodgers against carolina.. awesome

TLN32 Sep 16 '78

Yep same situation here man. I knew I was going to be in some trouble when DMC came back from injury. Rodgers has been sitting on my bench all year and right as he started to produce I put him in and he didnt get me much

Strut_Dandelion Sep 16 '78


rpendlum Sep 16 '78

gee i quess i can always put in stewart.. oh wait he's probably out. how bout mendenhall? oh wait ya he'll probably be inactive. oh i know i'll put in mjd.. ohhhh thats right he's out too.. traded sproles early in season for harvin which was great move at the time but ya harvins on ir now so there goes that

rmaxtpmx Sep 17 '78

well at least carolina's run defense is garbage, and rodgers can do a lot with minimal touches, even though it is about damn time they step up his workload, and limit the bowling ball to goaline and 3rd and 1 situations

rmaxtpmx Sep 17 '78

haha that's rough. if it makes ya feel any better, i play with only one rb, since we have 1rb, 1wr, 2flex in our ppr, and i was stuck drafting mcfadden. my backup was green-ellis who i dropped around week 2 or 3. at this point, i've been shuffling rb's on and off waiver like it's my friggin job. currently have joque bell in there, with reggie bush and forsett (if houston sits foster week 16). fortunately, i got to sit by and watch from the 1 seed bye, to see if mcfadden's good to go, which appears to be the case...a big run and a td catch against a heck of a defense isn't a bad sign with 2 terrible d's coming up...