Julian Edelman WR NE Sep 14 '789 Comments

NFL sources tell CBS Boston that Julian Edelman's injury is a broken foot that will likely send him to injured reserve.

Edelman had been an underrated playmaker when healthy this season. He was second in the NFL with a 15.5 average on punt returns and had scored long touchdowns through the air, on a punt, and on a fumble return in the past three weeks alone while also breaking off a 47-yard run. Brandon Lloyd, a disappointment to date, will have to step up on offense with Edelman out of the lineup. Due to hit free agency in 2013, Edelman could see his market value take a dip with yet another injury.


C0bra_M3nace Sep 15 '78

Damnit. The Pats are definately screwed now against the Texans and can most likely say goodbye to post season success.

Riggs44R Sep 16 '78

Really??? Not when Gronk went down but Edelman?

C0bra_M3nace Sep 19 '78

That's why I said "definately".

Riggs44R Sep 20 '78

we'll revisit this tomorrow morning, I think you're dead wrong!

C0bra_M3nace Sep 21 '78

I stand corrected. I was kind of proven wrong the very first punt return Welker did. Hernandez stepped up too along with Lloyd.

Overall it was a pretty surprising game, given all the hard statistics.

Riggs44R Sep 21 '78

Hernandez, when healthy is an all out beast! Welker was up to his old Super Bowl antics... dropping passes!

C0bra_M3nace Sep 22 '78

I was really dissapointed in him. I'm really started to grow on Lloyd, and if Lloyd grows on Brady too, I smell a ring in their future.

Riggs44R Sep 23 '78

By that time, Gronk will be back! Hahaaa

Fletchisawesome Sep 15 '78

the pats just sent him 2 the IR