Greg Zuerlein K STL Sep 13 '783 Comments

Rams K Greg Zuerlein made two field goals from 50-plus yards out in the Rams' Week 13 overtime win over the 49ers.

This should snap Legatron out of his mini-slump. His 53-yarder sent the game into overtime and he then converted a 54-yard blast with ease to win the game. He's now 7-of-11 on field goals from 50-plus yards out and 21-of-27 overall. Zuerlein will be facing much more difficult conditions in Buffalo next week.


TouchdownBundy Sep 14 '78

yes he's got the leg but can he kick on the road. Hope so, he played college in Mo., I think, and not in a dome so he should be use to adverse kicking conditions.

CarlisleWeenie Sep 16 '78

I heard it will be raining in Buffalo. Could be poor footing.

TouchdownBundy Sep 16 '78

crap. it still shouldn't affect him much I wouldn't think except maybe take some yards off his distance. He should be used to the rain from his college days. I think he's been having some self-doubt since the Miami game, hopefully last week put him back on track.