Kenny Britt WR STL Sep 13 '784 Comments

Titans coach Mike Munchak reiterated following Sunday's loss to the Texans that Kenny Britt needs to get the ball more.

Britt was targeted eight times Sunday, but secured only two. He did finish with 40 yards and a touchdown. "He's still transitioning back ... with all of the injuries he's had with both knees," coach Mike Munchak said. "He caught the nice touchdown pass today. That's (a sign) hopefully of things to come. You want to see more of that, obviously. But no, he's not making any more mistakes than anybody else. It's just a matter of us finding ways to get bigger plays out of him."


justin_2pac Sep 15 '78

he says this every week, sounds like leslie frazier saying christian ponder needs to be more consistent every week....its just not going to happen!

TouchdownBundy Sep 15 '78

Britt got 8 targets, Munchak can't force him to catch the ball. That being said Munchak needs to go cuz he sucks.

Zilla820 Sep 16 '78

You realize a 'target' includes passes thrown over and behind the receiver, right? Even if it's deemed uncatchable by the ref, the closest receiver to the ball gets credited with the target.

TouchdownBundy Sep 16 '78

uh yeah, thanks for the info Zac. I mistakenly thought that a target meant the ball was in his hands and it slipped through his fingers. All these years of football and someone has finally cleared this up for me.

The point is he's getting looked at. He's had the dropsies before, and just cuz a pass isn't on the hands doesn't mean its still not the receiver's fault- his route running might not be crisp esp. on timing patterns or he may not be breaking off routes when he should.