Steve Smith WR BAL Sep 12 '7810 Comments

Steve Smith caught five passes for 120 yards and one touchdown against the Chiefs.

Smith's box score was helped by a final play 53 yard hail mary that was caught eight yards short of the goal line. His second touchdown of the season was a beauty, as Smith created enough separation at the catch point on a vertical route down the sideline. Cam Newton appears to sail a few passes over Smith's head every game, but he is still the team's best receiving threat.


masonsmith73 Sep 14 '78

Which two should i start, Steve Smith, Dez Bryant or Roddy White?

warriors2185 Sep 14 '78

Ooooh, that's tough...I'd go Dez and Roddy but Roddy has had a bad couple weeks and Smith will get alot of passes because LaFell is out. Dez is a definite WR1 right now.

SamBair Sep 13 '78

Not mine, it was a good match up. Cam is playing much better now than earlier in the season.

masonsmith73 Sep 14 '78

yeah, they just had to dumb down the offense for him

Displayname1 Sep 12 '78


amybee Sep 12 '78

on my bench!!!

warriors2185 Sep 13 '78

Mine too...probably just about everybody's bench.

Keystone Sep 13 '78

not mine!

rpendlum Sep 13 '78

not mine either..

Straightupdagut Sep 14 '78

Shall I say it? I started him and Newton.