Lance Moore WR PIT Sep 10 '786 Comments

Lance Moore caught a game-high seven passes for 123 yards in Thursday night's Week 13 loss to the Falcons.

Moore tied for the team lead with 11 targets along with Marques Colston. Both receivers were the main threats in the aerial attack, and Jimmy Graham saw just six targets on Drew Brees' 50 pass attempts. Moore was consistently finding holes over the deep middle, but he did drop a crucial seven-yard touchdown in the fourth quarter. He'll remain a WR3 against the Giants next week.


Jesusucio Sep 12 '78

Love'm when he's good.. Hate him when he's bad.

D_I_C_K_E_Y Sep 11 '78

I couldn't agree with you more. If you wanna know what weeks I benched him, look at his big games. If you wanna know what weeks I played him, look at his terrible weeks. So take a wild guess what I did this week.

Bilbo_Baggins Sep 11 '78

He's averaged 10 points a game the last 5 games in non ppr. Keep him in.

rapefest101 Sep 10 '78

total scrub for dropping that easy TD pass. I hate having this guy. WR3 is a stretch. Brees spreads it around so much, and this guy hasn't proven to be clutch at all. Bench him.

ChadRehak Sep 10 '78

love him in ppr leagues. got me 16 pts

YISEN Sep 11 '78

12.3 pts in non-ppr league for WR3 is nowhere close to being bad.