Marques Colston WR NO Sep 07 '7812 Comments

Marques Colston and Lance Moore are not listed on the Saints injury report for Week 13.

Colston and Moore were both given in-game tests for concussions on Sunday, but quickly returned. It's a good sign that both players are practicing in full despite getting banged up by a bruising 49ers defense. They will be in the starting lineup Thursday at Atlanta.


cglmaster Sep 10 '78

Colston or Decker?

LFCReds Sep 10 '78


gjuminger Sep 09 '78

Pick 2 WR's: Colston, Nicks, Fitzgerald, Malcolm Floyd

SouthernStars Sep 09 '78

first 2

FUSAC Sep 09 '78

I've got Colston, Floyd, Blackmon, Hilton, Tony G, and Aaron seems no matter who I start whoever is on the bench produces. I've never posted looking for advice, but I do wonder which 3 would you start? Btw I'm in a WR/TE league.

RonPlourde Sep 09 '78

Colston, Hernandez, and Tony G. Colston and Tony G. will be in a shootout Thursday Night. Hernandez is a boom or bust pick with Gronk out and his injury concern but I couldn't play any of the others over him.

Hammer1026 Sep 09 '78

I agree with Ron here - based on whatcha got and who ya need to play, these 3 are ur best bets to go off... good luck!

I on the other hand am in a 2 wr league (no flex) and have Julio penciled in 1 slot, but am torn on who to throw in to the other slot... of these 3, pick 1... Blackmon, Colston, and Lloyd (I'm thinking Colston as well but have Blackmon in there now because of his rapport with Henne and the Bills crappy secondary)... thanks for the input!

RonPlourde Sep 09 '78

Colston. He hasn't exactly been lighting things up this season but he is probably the most reliable of the choices. I'm personally not sold on Henne just yet and Buffalo's D has actually been improving as the season progresses. Ok, I have Colston as well and am struggling with which 2 to start out of... Colston, J. Charles, K. Moreno, and Denario Alexander. Thoughts?

mdico91 Sep 09 '78

Colston and Charles, Colston for reasons noted above, and Charles because Bryce Brown.

Hammer1026 Sep 09 '78

Thanks for the insight guys, I'll be starting Colston... I would also agree with Chan here - Colston and Jamaal... I have Charles in another league and hope the Chiefs saw what the Iggles did to the Panthers run d Monday night, wow... I'd be licking my chops if I were Charles, hope he totes it 20-30 times to the tune of 150+ and 1-2 toddys...?! : )


i'm going with colston as well, but probably as much because i like having players in the early games

JordyNels Sep 10 '78

Not to mention, Blackmon pulled his groin in today's practice