Mark Sanchez QB PHI Sep 03 '788 Comments

Jets head coach Rex Ryan confirmed after Thursday night's loss to the Patriots that Mark Sanchez will start in Week 13 versus the Cardinals.

"Mark will be the starting quarterback this week and we'll go from there," Ryan said. Sanchez threw for 301 yards on Thanksgiving night but turned the ball over two times again. His fumble was returned for a touchdown and was part of the Patriots' 35-point second quarter. Tim Tebow has two broken ribs, so that will give Ryan another week to talk up Sanchez. Arizona entered Thursday night as the league's No. 5 pass defense after intercepting Matt Ryan five times last Sunday. This has another Sanchez nightmare written all over it.


Doe1989 Sep 03 '78

"Rex Ryan confirmed that the Jets will lose again in Week 13."

Pigskinpooper Sep 03 '78

Sanchez is far worse than Ryan tennehill, Brandon weeden, John Skelton and a host of other wannabes. Is Ryan just stupid or what?


As Forest Gump said "Stupid is as stupid does."

Ghost_Lombardi Sep 03 '78

Tebow isn't the answer either.

Jets are screwed.

ja385 Sep 03 '78

How Would You Know ?

Tebow hasn't been given the chance !!

Ryan should be fired on the spot

Sanchez should be benched then traded

as He Sucks from day One

AnunnakiJesus Sep 03 '78

Fire EM all

Pigskinpooper Sep 03 '78

Agree totally. And it isn't about a loopy throwing motion, it's about the W, Baby!!!

Ghost_Lombardi Sep 03 '78

I would know because I've seen Tebow play QB.