Aaron Hernandez TE NE Sep 03 '7810 Comments

Aaron Hernandez caught two passes for 36 yards in New England's Week 12 win over the Jets on Thursday night.

The stats weren't there for Hernandez as he was targeted just four times, but the good news for fantasy owners is that the tight end was on the field for upwards of 75 percent of the snaps. Hernandez could have had an easy touchdown in the second half, but he pushed off the defender unnecessarily and had the score wiped off the board. It was his first game action since Week 7. Hernandez and the Pats travel to Miami in Week 13 where he's a must-start, like every week.


jhambly Sep 06 '78

Dam only 3.3 from Graham

817goon Sep 05 '78

If y'all are looking to get high numbers from tight ends there's something wrong with that picture if u need big numbers from a tight end to win

messifcb Sep 04 '78

Hernandez had a TD that should have counted. So whatever u do give this guy another chance. Play him next week with Gronk out and Edelman and Lloyd injured.

tmactown01 Sep 03 '78

Saw this coming a mile away and benched Keller....sigh probly going to cost me a win.

CellarDweller Sep 03 '78

You made the right call but refs r morons. He had a legit TD. The contact was inconsequential and trivial.

eracer59 Sep 03 '78

exactly right, it was bs

tmactown01 Sep 03 '78

Yeah I saw that pretty brutal call.

PhDog Sep 03 '78

i did the exact same thing...benched keller and thought, 'you know you should have just left him' lol

tmactown01 Sep 03 '78

If he had a half way decent game last week I most likely would have but it was so bad I doubted him.

DMoney813 Sep 04 '78

glad I picked up the pats D. I just gotta rationalize it like this: if hernandez scored 22 and the pats d scored 4.6, I'd be thrilled!! Haha. I just wish schaub hadnt throw 2 horrible balls to owen daniels. I'd be in really good shape.