Matthew Stafford QB DET Sep 02 '788 Comments

Matthew Stafford completed 31-of-61 passes for 441 yards with two touchdowns and no interceptions in the Lions' Week 12 overtime loss to the Texans.

It was one of Stafford's finest performances of the year as he set a season-high in passing yards and didn't throw a pick for just the fourth time in 11 games. With top Texans corner Johnathan Joseph (hamstring) sidelined, he picked apart replacement Lance Ball with an array of crossing patterns and deep balls. Finally displaying 2011 accuracy and showing chemistry with Ryan Broyles, Stafford is trending up heading into next week's dream matchup against the Colts at Ford Field.


messifcb Sep 04 '78

Stafford is back.

Geeleroy Sep 03 '78

I think a lot of us did. I benched him in hopes Kaepernick can tear apart the Saints. Let's hope he even plays.

PopularTorture Sep 03 '78

I did the same thing and but realized it's stafford he tore apart the seahawks defense so he may do the same to houston so I played him glad I did.

Gibbs1991 Sep 03 '78

Of course this happens when I bench the bastard.

capncaggi Sep 03 '78

I made the same mistake. He's been Mr Inconsistent this year.

KyleH22 Sep 03 '78

The two games I've benched him, he's went off... My own fault and with him being so inconsistent I don't blame myself, no more bench time for Stafford though...

cogwheel Sep 03 '78

I don't think you can call it a 'mistake'. Just random fantasy-football BS. Every logical projection on the planet recommended benching Stafford against the Texans if you had another QB1 with a better match-up, especially after last week's ugly performance by Stafford.

SupernaturalFan Sep 03 '78

he goes off whenever i bench him too, then i start him against the Jags and Pack and get turds in return...figures