Aaron Hernandez TE NE Sep 01 '7825 Comments

Aaron Hernandez (ankle) is officially questionable for Week 12.

All signs are pointing toward Hernandez returning against the Jets, but with New England, nothing can be taken for granted until the inactives are announced. The good news is, even if Hernandez is a surprise scratch, fantasy owners will have over 48 hours to find a replacement. We expect Hernandez to play, and though it's possible he'll be on a snap count, we have him confidently ranked as our No. 3 tight end for Week 12.


Cowboys29Rules Sep 02 '78

Hernadez or Charlie Brown

capncaggi Sep 03 '78

Does your league penalize for missed (whiffed) FGs?

eracer59 Sep 03 '78

I think that flew over eryones head. Clever though

Turchman Sep 02 '78

Pick 2 Welker, Hernandez, VJackson, Ridley

SS_MagicMark Sep 02 '78

Active, but limited.

billsrule Sep 02 '78

Are we going to get a confirmation before the game even starts?

Turchman Sep 02 '78

Hernandez or Witten

LFCReds Sep 02 '78

myers or hernandez or rudolph

Curtis20 Sep 02 '78

who should i start myers or hernadez....

ginga-ninja Sep 02 '78

hey who should i start jason witten or hernandez

jhambly Sep 02 '78

Graham or Hernandez

DMoney813 Sep 02 '78

Seriously?? Graham, no brainer.

zekethesneek Sep 02 '78

Which two? Hernandez, Gonzales, and Fred Jackson?

ginga-ninja Sep 02 '78

i say hernandez and gonzalazez

rodthuman Sep 02 '78

hernandez or vernon davis

ginga-ninja Sep 02 '78

i would go davis for u bc hernandez will most likely have only a limited role this week

bleedinbrown Sep 02 '78

hernandez or olsen

raidermaniac Sep 02 '78

Same dilemma, but if Hernandez is ready to go how can you bench time, especially with Gronk out.

Muks Sep 02 '78


[Deleted User] Sep 02 '78

WTF is bench time? Anyone?

Turchman Sep 02 '78

Hernandez or Welker

tmactown01 Sep 02 '78


raidermaniac Sep 02 '78


ginga-ninja Sep 02 '78


tlikey5 Sep 02 '78