Aaron Hernandez TE NE Sep 01 '7814 Comments

CBS' Jason La Canfora confirms Aaron Hernandez (ankle) is expected to be active for New England's Thanksgiving tilt with the Jets, but reports he'll be in for a limited role.

"(Visanthe) Shiancoe (is) in line for targets," La Canfora tweeted. Other scribes reporting Hernandez is in line for a return haven't made mention of a limited role, but Hernandez played just 38-of-87 snaps when he returned from a month-long absence in Week 6. Even if Hernandez is limited against the Jets, he won't need more than 25-30 snaps to make an impact in fantasy leagues. He's a top-five option for Week 12.


tmactown01 Sep 01 '78

I'm not buying that.

AlwaysBusy Sep 01 '78

Which part, that he will actually play, or that it will be limited

Gruett Sep 01 '78

that hes a top 5 option lol my .ass.

GCBALLA Sep 01 '78

Why wouldn't he be? Everytime he steps on the field in ANY role he makes it happen.

Gruett Sep 01 '78

yeah he is a great "unique" tight end however alot of things he does, he can do because others are in the lineup aka gronk... with no gronk i expect less man coverage on hernandez ala less targets. All said I will be starting him bc im tired of brent celeks 3 catches for 30 yd performances lol

darksideofoz Sep 01 '78

the only other person that needs to be in the lineup is brady. hern is a top 5 option if he's playing. te position is filled with turds.

Gruett Sep 01 '78

We will know when we see it i guess... he hasnt played without gronk much if any so i will be curious to see how other teams treat him

Dumas Sep 01 '78

The key will be, can he get separation? If you watched him during his last return, his ankle was slowing him down. If he can get separation, Brady will get him the ball.

tmactown01 Sep 01 '78

Top five te when he's going to play half a game and he's still hurt c'mon now.

eracer59 Sep 01 '78

When he plays he always delivers in points. If he plays count on over 10 points

tmactown01 Sep 01 '78

So 10 points is top 5 te? I'd say top 15.

GCBALLA Sep 01 '78

Haha u are FOS too. First thing to take into account is there aren't 15 Tom Brady's out there to get them the ball in that high potent of an offense. Top 5 if not Top 3 option every week at TE

tmactown01 Sep 02 '78

It don't matter who the qb is if HE'S NOT ON THE FIELD.

eracer59 Sep 02 '78

sober up